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Children Need Both Parents

This site contains resources and services to fight what is oftentimes referred to as “Parental Alienation”— to help give children what they want and need more than anything else— a bond with both of their parents whenever possible.

Our Purpose

Beyond Parental Alienation is dedicated to re-establishing and maintaining the natural bond children have with both of their parents after separation and divorce.

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What This is All About

This Site IS:
  • Designed to help alienated children stay connected and reconnect with both parents whenever possible.
  • A place to share stories and help support targeted parents in what they CAN do.
  • A place to educate, empower, and share with those in the mental health legislative, and legal system to help the children who most need it.
This Site is NOT:
  • A place to get information to try and get people (like legislators, lawyers, judges, and mental health professionals) to “understand” more about Parental Alienation Syndrome (“PAS”).  (It rarely, if ever, works)
  • A place for targeted parents to support each other in feeling like victims.
  • A place to get whatever you can for your child ONLY, while leaving all the other children behind.

We rise or fall together.

Encouraging FACTS:
  • You are not alone. Part of the way this dynamic persists is through making each parent feel as though they are isolated and alone
  • More and more children are getting both parents back into their lives. There are many of us who were once feeling hopeless who have succeeded in helping their children regain both parents and are now themselves helping change things.  You can do it, too.
  • Everyone has something to contribute. We look forward to your input.